Top 9 Vietnam travel souvenirs that you should buy when coming here

Below are some Vietnamese souvenirs for foreign tourists, imbued with traditional and unique identities, including costumes, ethnic art paintings, decorations or modern personalized items. Great… Each gift is not only a wonderful combination of art and creativity, but also contains a part of Vietnam’s rich and diverse culture.

1. Silk scarves – Traditional Vietnamese beauty

Silk scarves are one of the most unique and popular Vietnam travel souvenirs. In addition to soft materials and diverse colors, silk scarves are often designed with traditional motifs such as lotus flowers, phoenix birds, plants… which are elements that highlight the beauty of traditional Vietnamese art.

2. Ao dai and ao dai – The elegance of Vietnamese women

Ao dai – Vietnam travel souvenirs , which is a popular traditional outfit in Vietnam, and ao dai are souvenirs that show the elegance and uniqueness of Vietnamese women. Ao Dai combines traditional and modern features, with delicate designs, and is often ordered by foreign tourists to bring back as souvenirs.

3. Bamboo and rattan furniture – Images of Vietnamese villages

Bamboo and rattan furniture is not only a decorative item, but also a symbol of the strength and energy of the Vietnamese people. From skillful hands and simple ingredients, they become products with a variety of designs and types, often carrying images of villages and famous landscapes in Vietnam.

4. Rice painting – Unique feature of Vietnamese fine art

Rice painting is a unique form of art in Vietnamese culture. Creativity from using rice grains and other ingredients creates delicate, unique works with different themes. This gift is not only an artistic highlight but also a great way to introduce the beauty of Vietnamese art.

5. Non La – Vietnamese cultural symbol

Hats, typical of Vietnamese culture, are a unique and interesting souvenir. The conical hats are delicately decorated and are often sold at tourist attractions and historical sites. It not only has the effect of blocking the sun and rain, but is also an interesting accessory when paired with traditional costumes.

6. Brocade – Traditional beauty of national culture

Brocade items often include clothes and accessories made from brocade fabric with vibrant colors and traditional motifs. This is a popular choice as a gift for foreign tourists, giving them a piece of Vietnamese national culture.

7. Dong Ho paintings – Inspiration of Vietnamese national culture

Dong Ho painting is a famous traditional painting form of Vietnamese art. Inspired by images of daily life and villages, these works often make a strong impression on foreign tourists who love art and want to retain a small part of traditional Vietnamese fine arts.

8. Bat Trang ceramics – Vietnamese traditional art

Bat Trang ceramics are famous for their smooth, bright glaze and sophisticated designs. If you choose to buy ceramics as gifts, Bat Trang traditional pottery village is the ideal place to experience the process of creating unique ceramic products.

These souvenirs are not only a great way for foreign tourists to take with them a small piece of Vietnamese culture, but also a great experience to explore the art and creativity of this country.

9. Thatuwood – Famous Vietnamese tourist souvenir shop in District 1

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many cultural heritages and long history. When visiting this country, visitors will not only admire the beautiful landscapes but also have the opportunity to buy unique and meaningful souvenirs. One of the most famous souvenir shops in Vietnam is Thatuwood.

Thatuwood is a souvenir shop located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The shop was founded by a group of young artisans with a passion for creating and preserving Vietnamese folk culture. Thatuwood products are made from handcrafted wood, bearing the mark of Vietnamese culture.

Thatuwood’s products are very diverse, including decorations, household appliances, toys, etc. The products are made from many different types of wood, such as cedar wood, rosewood, and rosewood. hybrid,… Each product is exquisitely carved, expressing the unique cultural features of Vietnam.

Some outstanding products of Thatuwood:

Wooden statue: Wooden statues are one of Thatuwood’s best-selling products. The statues are exquisitely carved, showing images of characters, animals, flowers,… bearing the mark of Vietnamese culture.

Decorations: Thatuwood has many unique types of wooden decorations, such as wooden paintings, wooden flower vases, wooden lanterns, etc. The products are made from high-quality wood, bringing luxurious and sophisticated beauty to your living space.

Household appliances: Thatuwood also has a variety of convenient and beautiful wooden household appliances, such as wooden dishes, wooden cups, wooden storage boxes, etc. The products are made from natural wood, safe for the user’s health. use.

Toy: Thatuwood has many types of wooden toys that are safe and useful for children, such as wooden puzzles, wooden dolls, wooden toy cars, etc. The products are made from natural wood, helping children develop their intelligence. intelligent and creative.

Reasons you should buy souvenirs at Thatuwood:

  • Unique and high quality products: Thatuwood products are made from handcrafted wood, bearing the mark of Vietnamese culture. The products are made from high quality wood, ensuring high quality and durability.
  • Good price: The prices of products at Thatuwood are very reasonable, suitable for the budget of all visitors.
  • Good customer care: Thatuwood’s staff is always enthusiastic and thoughtful, ready to advise visitors on choosing suitable souvenirs.

If you are looking for a unique and meaningful souvenir shop to shop when traveling to Vietnam, Thatuwood is an address not to be missed.

Vietnam, a familiar tourist destination, attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. International friends who visit Vietnam are not only impressed by the cultural and historical characteristics of the country with thousands of years of civilization but are also fascinated by the hospitality and warmth of the Vietnamese people. To record To capture memorable moments and bring with them a part of the country’s essence, tourists often look for meaningful souvenirs to keep as memories and share with loved ones when they return.

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